December 14, 2007

Our little lady

Lauren Kathryn

Baby Preview

Well, there's no way I'm going to get my film back of Lauren by the time everyone receives our Christmas letter with my BLOG info. So I'm forced to post our pics from a mediocre digital (oh this pains me). But the families are restless for images.

Lauren Kathryn Krout was born December 11, 2007 at 11:21 P.M.
She weighed 7lbs 1oz and is 19 inches long.

Check in again for the official photos.

Christmas Decor

Didn't get as many things up as I would like...too busy having a new baby. But here's a few of this year's favorites.

November 30, 2007

Farewell, Coleman Studios

It's for real now...I had my last day of work at Coleman Studios. Time to move into mommy mode. After five years there what will I miss? Well, it's a really cool space. Work provided interesting wall textures that I've used for countless photos shoots. The ample vaulted ceilings gave room for white backdrops and lights, etc. I've taken so many photos there: My sister-in-law's bridals, my nephew's baptism portrait, engagements shots, and on and on. Did several fashion shoots during remodeling and beyond. Thanks Char and Morgan.

Also, I can't deny that I was exposed to a few artist that I think are really great. I'm NOT AT ALL a fan of the predominant wildlife work that permeates the presses there, but these few artist made up for the tacky and the downright hideous. A breath of fresh air in a sea of grizzlies, elk, and yes, even the skunk.

Chris Young

Brian Kershisnik

November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Check out my sister and I's Martha Stewart Moment. We were pretty smitten with ourselves and our killer table setting.

The kids were hittin' the Martinelli's pretty hard. I'm pretty sure that's all they ate for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 19, 2007

Our Christmas Portrait

My 9 months belly!

Each year about August I start thinking about what I want our Christmas card to look like. I know...a bit obsessive, but I don't care. It's a big deal to me. I love it! I love trying to decide what to wear and where we'll take it. When Jeff and I first got married I suggested that he and I alternate years. One year he decides what picture to use, then me the next. Big mistake! I just feel to strongly about it. I mean come on! I can't have our Christmas card photo be of us on some motorcycle trip with helmut hair and motorcycle gear. Sorry honey.
This is my favorite time of year and I love to get Christmas cards from everyone. And I'm a firm believer that couples should have their portrait done at least once a year--just the two of you. No kids. Otherwise, it' gets to be your 40th anniversary and the only picture you have of the two of you is the one from your wedding day. That really shouldn't be the last and only time you are ever photographed together. Make the effort. Please. And why not use your Christmas card as the time?

Photos by Travis Lovell
check out his killer landscape photography at

November 16, 2007

Aunt "K" to the Rescue

Jeff and I went to our second prenatal class last night and it was a little too educational! I'm not even kidding that we started out with about 8 couples watching the birthing video and by the end there were only three of us left. A few couples literally walked out (I definitely wanted to). I kept saying to myself...Leslie, you are thirty years old and you're not leaving this room. It was quite possibly one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. It sure didn't help that it was filmed using the most bloated women you have ever seen or that the film quality was circa 1989 or that there was a completely annoying nurse and doctor speaking as if they were addressing a four year old. I hate that! Just talk normal you weirdos. I wanted to punch them in the face. Seriously, I was feeling violent inside.

Needless to say I was not feeling so baby happy when we left. I bolted as soon as I could with Jeff practically running to keep up with me. But when we got home there was a MONSTER package waiting for us from Jeff's Aunt Kathy who lives in Pennsylvania. Inside was piles and stacks of all kinds of baby stuff. Clothes, toys, blankets, you name it. It was exactly what we needed to change the tone of the night. So fun! And so generous. Thanks Aunt K, You're a DREAM! You saved the day and reminded me that it will be worth it.

November 15, 2007

Nate & Ash

The Rascals

Oh, the rascals! That is what I like to call my sister's kids. They live up to the title in every way. You are viewing attempt #900 at a "normal" family picture. As you can tell it went real well. Unbelievable!