June 06, 2007

Oh Baby

Jeff calls her the cabbage patch.

Ode to David Hockney

Santaquin, UT (April 2007)
MIne is not quite as complex as Hockney's. He probably would have taken about a thousand frames to make this composite, but you get the idea.


My sister has the most amazing backyard. I love it!

My niece Kaija....I know she is "sad", but for some reason I like this one. Probably because she is not doing her practiced fake smile that every kid does when their parents insist they must look at the camera and say "cheese". Stop doing that parents and you'll get better photos. This is what happened when I told her to stop smiling. This is the face she makes when she doesn't like what you have to say. She's working me over, for sure.

The great thing about babies....they have not learned to fake any emotion. Ahhhh....Refreshing!!

June 05, 2007

It's Postive

I actually started this blog several weeks ago, but I've have been too sick to care about anything.
We're having a baby in December! I feel bad for the baby to have a DEC birthday, but what can you do??? Jeff is hoping for a boy. I just hope it is healthy. And I can't wait until this morning sickness ends.....

June 04, 2007