November 05, 2007

Christina's World

by Andrew Wyeth

Another favorite painting of mine from way back in the day. I can't remember when I first saw this one. It may have been in my highschool art class (around junior or senior year). But man did I connect at that time in my life. Feeling trapped and helpless in a small town in Nebraska. Hating my environment, hating all the people around me. Despising all the attitudes. I could definitely relate and this was how I felt. Wanting more, wanting to be happier, wanting to be anywhere else than where I was. Graduation could not come fast enough. Freedom could not come fast enough. Something new could not come fast enough.

Then later after being liberated from small town life I connected feeling trapped by my inherantly shy personality. Wanting to be different than who I was. Reserved, introverted, scared of everything. Ugh! I kind of hate this painting too. Maybe just in the way that it is forcing me to be reminded of my former qualities. But there is something beautiful with the composition...and there's an element of hope which I always saw in it and in my life.

The scenary certainly looks like anywhere in the midwest. I've always loved the fields in Nebraska. Beautiful!

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