November 30, 2007

Farewell, Coleman Studios

It's for real now...I had my last day of work at Coleman Studios. Time to move into mommy mode. After five years there what will I miss? Well, it's a really cool space. Work provided interesting wall textures that I've used for countless photos shoots. The ample vaulted ceilings gave room for white backdrops and lights, etc. I've taken so many photos there: My sister-in-law's bridals, my nephew's baptism portrait, engagements shots, and on and on. Did several fashion shoots during remodeling and beyond. Thanks Char and Morgan.

Also, I can't deny that I was exposed to a few artist that I think are really great. I'm NOT AT ALL a fan of the predominant wildlife work that permeates the presses there, but these few artist made up for the tacky and the downright hideous. A breath of fresh air in a sea of grizzlies, elk, and yes, even the skunk.

Chris Young

Brian Kershisnik

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