January 31, 2008

Is this cute or what?

Okay, as a former Nebraskan I feel that I must have these. So pretty!

Check out more great stationary here

January 23, 2008

My Door-ter

Jeff is originally from PA and he cracks me up when he busts out the east coast accent. "Door-ter" is more commonly known as daughter. Lately he's been saying things like:
My door-ter is so cute!
My door-ter needs some attention.
My door-ter just pooped.
My door-ter is asleep.
You get the idea.
And then we laugh hysterically at his east coast rendering of the English language. Good times!

So anyway, here are some new pics of my door-ter.

Isn't it funny....

Isn't it funny how once you start blogging every little thing now becomes eligible material for a post? Suddenly your life experience is full of moments interesting enough to write about. Fascinating things like buying a computer or eating lunch (see previous posts below). :)

If you are a blogger then you might also be amused by this article on mommy bloggers. I read it at the doctor's office the other day and thought it was pretty entertaining.

January 22, 2008

Lunch with Dad

Jeff has been wanting to try this new pizza restaurant on his route and it turns out it's GREAT. It's a beautiful environment and really good fresh ingredients. YUM!! It's owned by this real young couple and the wife was studying graphic design when I was doing photography. (just another isn't it a small world story). Jeff and I LOVE to eat out and there is nothing like a great dining experience. So thank you Pizzeria SevenTwelve.  It was a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to try the desserts next time. Particularly, the s'mores.  

Oh, and.....I'm so glad I got dressed and did my hair because it was like walking into a magazine. Everyone eating there was beautiful. Not that it would have stopped me from eating there, but you sure hate to be the one ugly-ing up a room.

January 21, 2008

It's a MAC world

WOOHOO!! Dreams do come true. After years of talking about it and really wanting one we got ourselves a MAC. I'd been at a job that had all I needed to edit my photos, but now that I am a mom my sweet husband thinks I need to continue my photo editing and creating. Isn't he great!!! I have resisted because of the cost. Then along came Jeff's friend, Darron, a confessed gadget junkie. He just bought a new MAC and his G5 was sitting in the basement. Jackpot for us! He sold it to us for a smokin' price that even I couldn't pass up. We're pretty pumped. Although Jeff insists it is for me he spends way more time on it. I think he is hypnotized by the size of the monitor.

Christmas Decor Revisited

Had a few more frames of this year's decor on a roll of film I just got back from the lab. Next year I am going to town with the decorations since this year we were a bit sidetracked with baby. Can't wait. Christmas is my favorite!

My very favorite part of Christmas...the letters and photos. Yes!

January 18, 2008

Give Me Strength!

This BLOG is quickly turning into the MOMMY Diaries, but whatever. I need the release. We had a very bad night last night. My blessed baby was not her usual self. We've had a great run of sleepy nights now for about ten days. Needless to say she broke her streak. Well fed, changed, and settled by 11:00, but it didn't matter. She wailed at midnight, 1AM, then 2AM fell asleep for only a mere four hours. Unacceptable, my darling baby, when you've accustomed me to 6-7 hours of rest.

Tonight that old panic is back from those first few days of bringing her home. What will she do? Is this just a one night thing? Or the beginning of a miserable phase? (please, please, please no!!)

I didn't nap today either. Too busy. I need sleep, but I also need sanity of other forms. So I kept my ten o'clock hair appointment (feeling lovely and feminine again) and I went to that visit at a friend's house. Hopefully I will not suffer the consequences of my social needs. I know I should sleep when she sleeps, but man I long for a normal schedule. I want to have fun. I want to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. I want to shower on a regular basis. I want to be with my husband when he gets homes from work instead of napping. I want to watch some of my favorite shows instead of sleeping.

It's nearly impossible to be a kind, patient mom on four hours of sleep. How is it that we are expected to peak as mothers on no sleep, when our bodies are a mess, and we haven't seen another person for days? That is a cosmic joke. Will balance ever be restored?

January 08, 2008

One Month Bday

Today our little sweetness turned one month old. Why celebrate? Because last night she slept for seven hours straight. That's right! I said SEVEN hours. And the night before she slept EIGHT hours. OH HAPPY DAY!!! You would think I would be well rested and refreshed. Not exactly. I did get some better sleep, but kept waking up. Sometime around 3AM I wake thinking to myself, "I can't believe she is still asleep". At 5AM I wake up thinking, "Is she okay? Did she choke? Did she stop breathing? Is she dead?" At which point I send Jeff to check on her because I can't cope with the discovery of our dead daughter. But, of course, she's perfectly fine. Then again at 6AM I wake and think "This is awesome. I have such a great baby on my hands." Just wish I could relax enough to enjoy these long stretches of sleep.

Hopefully she is not teasing me. I know she's still figuring things out, but let's hope her recent stretches of sleep are a prediction of what is to come. I'll take whatever I can get.

January 05, 2008

Thanks, Aunt Nicky

We received several handmade blankets for Lauren. This is just one of the few.

January 01, 2008

Sanity Tip #5


They've been through it already and let you know everything is completely normal. Your hysterical crying, lack of sleep, frustration, fear, and worries.

Here's to you, Mom, who calls me just about every other day.
Here's to you, Emily, for the million ways you've helped me cope. The dinners. The ride to that life-changing lactation appointment. The phone calls. The "it gets better" pep talks.
Here's to you, Melissa and Abby, for admitting you cried too.

Sanity tip #4


If you don't have a reason....make one up.
Latest pedicatrician appointment...sounds great.
Walking to the mailbox...I'm on it!
Canning chilli with my sister...perfect.
Grocery store, Barnes and Noble....I need them to feel human again.
Going to the latest movie...even better!!!!!!

Sanity Tip #3


Sanity tip #2


I can't say enough about Jeff and how helpful, compassionate, kind, loving and incredibly patient he has been with my unpredictable bouts of crying. He is AMAZING!! He is the calm in the storm that is my post pregnancy emotions. He's the guy we all wanted to marry...the one who just gets it. Three cheers for Jeff, the love of my life.

Sanity tip #1


I am an admitted magazine junkie. I can't get enough of them. I subscribe to several and feel as though I've hit the jackpot when I reach inside our mailbox and there is one of my lovely glossies. Yes!! But.... I'm certainly not a packrat. There is not and never will be piles of magazines laying around our house. So I clip and cut and tape into my little notebook. I actually have a few now. They contain my DREAM wardrobe. You know, the one I would wear if I had unlimited funds. The one I used to wear when I didn't have to haul a car seat around.
Anyway, yesterday I put on my Ipod and tuned out with Alicia Keys, Biggie, and Justin Timberlake (baby was sleeping and Jeff was roaming the motorcycle sites) and I conquered my stack of tearsheets from a month of magazines. It felt good to do something so totally superficial and reconnect with what I love. FASHION!