January 21, 2008

It's a MAC world

WOOHOO!! Dreams do come true. After years of talking about it and really wanting one we got ourselves a MAC. I'd been at a job that had all I needed to edit my photos, but now that I am a mom my sweet husband thinks I need to continue my photo editing and creating. Isn't he great!!! I have resisted because of the cost. Then along came Jeff's friend, Darron, a confessed gadget junkie. He just bought a new MAC and his G5 was sitting in the basement. Jackpot for us! He sold it to us for a smokin' price that even I couldn't pass up. We're pretty pumped. Although Jeff insists it is for me he spends way more time on it. I think he is hypnotized by the size of the monitor.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ron would be sooo jealous! I'm not even going to show this entry to him as he has been salivating over a Mac for months now. He just saw a commercial for the new Mac Book Air or something like that and about ran down to the store right then. Unfortunately for him he needs a new car, new carpet, a new furnace and a few other things first!! We will become converts as soon as we can! Enjoy!!