January 23, 2008

My Door-ter

Jeff is originally from PA and he cracks me up when he busts out the east coast accent. "Door-ter" is more commonly known as daughter. Lately he's been saying things like:
My door-ter is so cute!
My door-ter needs some attention.
My door-ter just pooped.
My door-ter is asleep.
You get the idea.
And then we laugh hysterically at his east coast rendering of the English language. Good times!

So anyway, here are some new pics of my door-ter.


  1. I especially love the last one! Lauren looks like she's so content with the binkie and yet deep in thought! She's so sweet!

  2. wow! she is really cute in the last picture....just makes me want to give her a squeeze! nate

  3. Cute! Still think she's Jeffs clone :) (er, door-ter)

  4. She is looking so much older already! She is darling!