January 01, 2008

Sanity tip #1


I am an admitted magazine junkie. I can't get enough of them. I subscribe to several and feel as though I've hit the jackpot when I reach inside our mailbox and there is one of my lovely glossies. Yes!! But.... I'm certainly not a packrat. There is not and never will be piles of magazines laying around our house. So I clip and cut and tape into my little notebook. I actually have a few now. They contain my DREAM wardrobe. You know, the one I would wear if I had unlimited funds. The one I used to wear when I didn't have to haul a car seat around.
Anyway, yesterday I put on my Ipod and tuned out with Alicia Keys, Biggie, and Justin Timberlake (baby was sleeping and Jeff was roaming the motorcycle sites) and I conquered my stack of tearsheets from a month of magazines. It felt good to do something so totally superficial and reconnect with what I love. FASHION!

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