February 07, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Today I turned 31. Haven't really cared that it is my birthday though. Truthfully it is the furthest thing from my mind because I haven't been feeling great. But my sister just came over to visit and gave me one of the most meaningful gifts I've ever received. Two of my favorite childhood books. We had been talking about the books we remembered reading a few weeks ago because I wanted to get the same ones for Lauren, but I never got around to ordering any. So thoughtful. Seriously, we probably read each of these books a thousand times.

Some of our other childhood classics:
Clifford The Big Red Dog
The Big Tidy-Up
Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
The Little Brute Family


  1. Happy belated birthday! Those are great books. One of my other favorites is "Pickle Chiffon Pie." I had never heard of it until I went to girl's camp a few years back and the camp director read it to the girls. LOVE it!