February 20, 2008

Religious Art

So if you haven't picked up on it yet...I'm a bit house obsessed these days. Hanging, cleaning, framing, organizing, decorating, etc. It's starting to come together, but one thing that I feel is missing in our decor is some really great religious art. I would love to have something I connect with. Something truly beautiful. More importantly something meaningful to me. Why is this so hard to find? Most of the LDS art out there is just too literal, too sappy, too cheesy, too everything. Just too,too,too!! It's frustrating to me because that is such a huge part of our lives. I'd love to have something to represent. But there's nothing. Nothing I connect with. Certainly nothing modern. Help! Anyone know of anything?

Here's a few artists I think are better than most.
J Kirk Richards

Brian Kershisnik

Ron Richmond

Minerva Teichart


  1. I agree. I have seen these great black & white pictures of the temples at Deseret Book that I would love to have but they cost a fortune. I, also, like things that are expensive! Must mean we have good taste.

  2. I only recognize Minerva Teichart and I do enjoy her stuff. Good luck with your hunt. I'd like to redo some of my wall hanging things, but for now I am hoping to get my kitchen redone this spring or summer. Everyone pray that it happens.

  3. You are a total art snob! What, did you work in some kind of art gallery? Sheesh! ;)

    Matt U.