February 07, 2008

Is it just me???

Is it just me or does motherhood make you more sensitive to all things vile and wicked? Or I should say does it make you have an AVERSION to all things vile and wicked? I was watching one of my favorite shows. Law and Order. And I couldn't even stomach the episode. I guess I have a sensitivity toward violence now. Not that I loved it before, but seriously I was like this is disgusting. That has happened to me a couple times this week. Way too many disturbing images. I think I'll stick to another favorite....the Food Network. I need to mix up the menu anyway.


  1. I completely agree! I've had to stop watching Law & Order SVU and a few others I used to watch. I think that the networks are pushing the limits even more now. I swear last night they said SH-- on Lost. Thank goodness for PBS Kids and the Discovery channel.

  2. Yes, motherhood makes you more sensitive and more mature. It's kind of like "stupid" for instance. As a word "stupid" isn't so bad. We all say it a lot. But, when it starts coming out of the mouth of your sweet little child all the sudden it becomes a naughty word. :)