February 07, 2008

My letter to Anthropologie

Dear Anthropologie,

I love you and your exquisite catalogs full of flawless photography. Each month a new catalog arrives totally unique from the last. I dig the interesting locations, hair, makeup, and clothes. But I've been to your stores many times. I've seen the details your photographs don't reveal. Who are you trying to kid? Do you really think a pintuck here or a fancy button there warrants the price of your clothing? The answer is no. Maybe others have not noticed that your clothes are made using the CHEAPEST fabrics on the planet. You are selling cotton at cashmere prices.

Don't get me wrong. I'll continue to be a huge fan. Your photography is top of the top. But, please, lower your prices.


Leslie Krout

(By the way this is an imaginary letter I will never send. Just need to get it off my chest.)


  1. Great letter! I've wanted to send a couple of those at one time or another. I'll bet Grandma Johnson could give you a few tips if you ever actually decided to send it! I hear she's infamous for quite a few letters along those same lines! :)

  2. I think you need to send it just so they know they're not fooling everyone. But, I guess they have it figured out--as long as your pictures look beautiful you can name your price for crappy Chinese sweatshop clothes. :)

  3. Okay, you totally crack me up! I've wanted to send this letter myself a thousand times! Their clothing is of the worst possible quality ever! And it seriously does fall apart. I recently bought a shirt on sale, regularly $128 and I got it for $20 because all the buttons were missing. I think someone probably bought it, took it home, wore it once and two buttons fell off. Then they got mad and pulled the rest off! That's how I feel about their clothes sometimes!