February 01, 2008

Small Town Perks

So recently I switched all our perscriptions to the pharmacy here in town. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every single time I have called to see if it is ready they ask if I want them to deliver it to my house. WHAT??!!! Or send it with my neighbor on his way home from work (he's one of the pharmacists). Wow. Rite Aid has never asked me that one before. Yay for small town perks. Can you imagine how convenient and helpful that will be if I'm ever so sick I don't want to leave the house and pack up Lauren? Cool.

The only negative is having a ward member know all your ailments. That sure doesn't thrill me. I suppose the perks outweigh that one cuz I'm going to keep going there. Maybe I could fill our prescriptions under a pseudo-name.


  1. That's awesome but I agree - I'm not sure that I would want my neighbors knowing what drugs I'm taking! I love living out here in a small town with Philly only 30 minutes away when I want a big town!!

  2. Like I've been saying..."A Small Town Life is A Good Life!"