February 11, 2008

What about the rest of us?

So I'm watching Oprah today and I feel myself getting madder and madder as I watch the episode. Nate the dream designer is making over an entire house for some family, but of course they had to have some major sob story to get that makeover. I'm so sick of all these shows. What about the rest of us...the rest of us who haven't had a traumatic accident, or chronic illness, or experienced the death of a loved one? What about the rest of us with great taste, big dreams, and no money? If I were in charge I'd have a makeover show for people like me and my family & friends. There are no cancer survivors and my sister hasn't had to adopt my children. We're just good people doing our best and we really want to live in a beautiful environment. Ugh!!!

1 comment:

  1. There's this little thing called ratings and bringing on the tears seem to help them for some reason but I completely agree. I'd love for Nate or Ty to show up at my doorstep just because I didn't yell at my kids that day, or I kept the house clean, or I actually cooked a meal!!