February 11, 2008

Winter Blues

I have never had the winter blues until this year. In fact winter was right up there as one of my faves. But this year has been rough on me. I'm sure baby contributes as does the unusual amount of snow. But today it is 50 degrees and I feel hope again! Yesterday the sun was out all day. Hallelujah!! Jeff was home and we all went for a walk. It was so great to feel alive again. I'm truly out of shape though because my calves are sore today. Weak. Here are some of things I've been doing to feel better though.

1. Today I rediscovered the joy of my Ipod. Bob Marley is doing it for me. Making me feel like summer.
2. I Blog
3. Go on imaginary shopping sprees
4. Call friends and family
5. Cry
6. Plan my spring projects
7. Open all the blinds and let as much light in as possible

Any other tips?


  1. Listen to a little Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat, eat a little chocolate, watch "Chuck" and/or "Eli Stone," subscribe to Cottage Living Magazine, wander around IKEA or Target, and now I'm going to go borrow some of your ideas!

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  3. I feel your pain! I've decided this year that I hate winter. I'm tired of being cold and cooped up in the house. Bring on Spring!

  4. I hear you too! I've been trying to remind myself to be grateful for the moisture because I know we'll definitely be enjoying the extra water this summer but when you dread walking outside your door it makes life hard! I think one thing that has helped me make it through is a nice cup of hot chocolate and great movie. There's nothing like chick flicks and hot chocolate on a cold wintry day... Good luck surviving!