March 03, 2008

Nic-Nac shelves

It pains me to call them that, but Jeff has dubbed my shelves this. Ugh! Aren't nic-nacs things like Precious Moments figurines and other hideous ceramic-like items? Aren't nic-nacs what you see in old lady's houses? For now I don't know what else to call my ever evolving beauties. I like to think they are more along the lines of decorative storage with a few things I think are just great. I'm so in love with them right now. The other day I was holding Lauren....just standing in front of them thinking how beautiful and pretty everything is. It's the first in a series of home transformations around here. Bye-bye khaki.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice accessorizing. I agree with the whole nic-nac lingo. Love the colors!