March 30, 2008

The Results: 31 Days

As we wrap up the last days of the photography challenge I can't help but wonder, "What was I thinking?" Actually, I know what I was thinking (a way to relieve the boredom), but it proved to be much harder than I anticipated. I'm a photographer, right? I can do this. Or so I thought. I felt utterly uninspired on way too many occasions. Unfortunately that meant there were days I did not take a single picture. Even though I technically did not take a picture every single day I don't feel like I have failed. The bigger goal was to simply take more photos and I certainly did that. And amidst the duds that I only took to fulfill the "assignment" are some beauties of our everyday life. Tomorrow I will be picking up a few rolls and dropping off several more. Check back in this week for all the images. Hope you enjoy my 31 Days.

P.S. Thanks to all who participated. I have loved looking at your photos and seeing glimpses into your lives. Let's do it again.....later......much later.


chair at Temple Square Visitor's Center

Bald Spot


Lauren on her blessing day. I like this one...seeing all her baby "gear" in the frame. I was just hoping she wouldn't spit up on the dress before we could get a shot.


  1. I'm with you. It was a fantastic idea and I have loved seeing everyone's photos. I didn't take a picture every day as I had intended but I did take enough to equal 31+. Great idea!

  2. That is such a cute photo! I know what you mean about the spit up. Josh's outfit came off as soon as church was over!

  3. So fun! Thanks for starting such a great idea Leslie! I too have loved looking at everyone's photos. It's so fun to see what everyone has come up with! :)

  4. Where can I see everyones photos? Was this just a select few that did this? I wanna see 'em. Lauren is absolutely breathtaking!