March 09, 2008

SWAP Details

Ok. Everyone has been asking me questions about this swap. I'm a first timer so I'm figuring this out myself. Sorry for the confusion, but hopefully this helps. I did a little more research on how it's done. Most people pick a theme. How's this sound for ours?

THEME: "Spring Pick-Me-up"

HOW TO: It's simple. Send a surprise box, get a surprise box. Fill it with anything you want. Home made. Store bought. Pretty things. Sweets. Non-sweets. Anything goes. Include recipes for your favorite Spring meal and maybe a few of the ingredients, pretty papers, etc. These are just ideas to get your imagination and creativity going.

Let me know by March 15th. Packages should be en route by April 1st.

Send me an email with your name, address, email, favorite things, favorite colors, interesting things about you (hobbies, etc). This may help your swap buddy.


  1. Ooo... swap! I want in... this will be my first!

  2. I can't find where to email you! Help!!!

  3. is there some sort of price limit? I'm in too!

  4. This is Nancy's friend Joanna (I met you at her baby shower). I hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog and I think this would be way fun to do! I love any excuse to make something! You can count me in if it's okay with you.

  5. Can I play too? Even though I'm an old roomy, living in Colorado??