March 13, 2008

Wish I could go

Check out the latest exhibit at the MOMA in NYC. I'm speechless.

Color Chart: Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today

The good thing is that the site is so thorough (including audio of the artists talking about their work. video of how some of the pieces were created. and you can zoom to see artworks up close. Yes!!!!) and the photos so great it is almost like you are there. Almost.

Make sure you read the introduction. Very cool.

My favorites: The MOMA floor (see below) by Jim Lambie. But the whole exhibit is fun, fresh, and inspiring. Awesome!
"Stains" from 1969 (listen to the audio. I love crazy ar-teests)
and the one piece for 1960

P.S. This site may take you some time. You'll get sucked in.


  1. Okay, this is super cool!

  2. That was fun! Thanks for the link. Love that floor.

  3. I've found a new way to pass the time.

  4. That is awesome!! I love that they actually let you look at everything. I hate it when museums feel like they can't put anything on the web that will prevent people from actually buying a ticket. Thanks for letting the rest of us know the super cool things that are out there!