April 26, 2008


Today I did something I never though I would do. I spent several hours in an antique store (more evidence of my ongoing identity crisis). It was completely accidental. Just walking by and decided to peek inside. Talk about sensory overload...three floors of "stuff". My favorite things were the colorful bowls and cups (no time to hit the jewelry counter and the clothing section was pitiful). I had my eye on some cute orange mugs, but I'd like to know when second-hand items became so expensive? $4.50 is a little ridiculous for a single cup. Let's make it 25 cents and then we'll talk. Even still.. it was a great way to waste a Saturday afternoon and get some visual creativity going.

{Too bad the light was so crappy. I would've taken more photos. I'll post the few I took later this week.}


  1. Antique stores across the nation have been hit up by John, me, and Tricia. Although I must say that after several outings, I think they all kind of look the same. I wish I could afford some of the furniture though.

  2. I have to say that I don't think I have ever been in an antique store. I'll have to check one out as some point in time though cause they sound pretty awesome!

  3. Better an antique store than a 'flea market'! Something about a 'Flea Market' just screams "YOU ARE WHITE TRASH!!" but, I must admit, the Brodricks (mostly my brother and I, rather than Vanessa and I) have been known to enjoy a good flea market now and again! I mean, seriously, where can you go to enjoyed fried food and get a cheap Elvis Car Seat cover! What more do you need?! Tell Jeff I said hey!