April 12, 2008

In Deep

This week I'm deeply smitten with the little one. Can she get any cuter? I don't think so. I'm not a huge fan of babies (true confession) despite spending many, many years babysitting as a middleschooler and before. I mean I like babies, but I don't pine over them or for them. So to feel deeply endeared to her is a bit of a relief. Forget her nightly meltdowns an hour before bed. Who cares! It's all forgotten the moment she lets out a giggle (a recent development), coo, or smile (my favorite). They melt me every time. She is definitely lovable. Can't wait to meet more of her personality.


  1. That is funny, I feel the same way. I was just telling my friend that I don't really care for babies, I am just having them as a future investment. Sounds terrible, but I do love my babies. Yours is incredibly cute.

  2. You love her so much because its like looking at a miniture version of your hubby every second of the day--:)

  3. She is such a little sweetie.