April 01, 2008

The Results: March 19


Today was pretty much a test. I decided it was time to pull out my Holga camera for this little challenge. I've had it probably seven or eight years and never used it. OK, I used it once, but never even processed the film. This camera goes for around $25 so don't pay more if you decide you want to give it a go (I've seen it sold in trendy catalogs/magazines for $70, but don't be fooled). It's all plastic...plastic lens, plastic body and an overall piece of crap. And that's exactly why people looooove it. Seriously, there is a whole following out there committed to this camera and they are taking some very cool photos. I can't put these guys below in the cool club, but now I know how the camera responds since I've never used it before. Great little learning shoot....

1 comment:

  1. Get online and learn about taping up your holga so it doesn't produce light leaks (unless that's the look you are going for.)