May 11, 2008

6 YEAR Anniversary

Today Jeff and I celebrate six years of marriage. Last night we returned to the location of our first date. Dining at the Foundry Grill at Sundance. It was quite the event getting there. After running around all day and braving Sam's Club on a Saturday (big mistake) I was completely burnt out by the end of the afternoon. All I wanted to do was stay home and organize the food storage items I'd purchased earlier in the day. I know. Romantic isn't it? I felt bad for just wanting to stay home so after mustering up some energy it was time to find something to wear. Another big mistake. This post pregnancy bod....well....grrrrr! Nothing was working out. Meaning nothing was comfortable. Too tight (the most common dilemma these days), too short, too see-through. Already upset from the sausage-like feeling of my jeans, I reached for my lovely JCREW coat. Remember that one? I really wanted to wear it and feel great. So I put it on. But it was driving me insane!! Those stupid ruffle cuffs on the sleeves are beyond annoying. So in a violent rage I ripped them off (with a seam ripper, of course). Late for dinner? No matter. Those babies were getting gone, gone, gone. And then I felt much better. And it looks much better too. I think I will wear it more often now. And afterwards I thought to myself, "Ah! That felt great".

Well, my ripping and tearing did not give me something to wear, but I found another jacket and we moved on. Meaning, we left for dinner and had a nice evening. Lauren was a dear and the weather was gorgeous. (pics to follow).....

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