May 05, 2008

Anthropologie Love

I've always loved Anthropologie's unique window displays and would love, love, love to incorporate some of their cool designs/ideas into my home. The best display I ever saw was at the Gateway. All of the mannequins in the window were wearing outfits made completely out of paper (I dig paper in a major way. Paper art rules). It was to-die-for and to this day is still my favorite. Wish I would have snapped a shot back then. Anyway, it's a project I'm planning on attempting as soon as I get around to purchasing my own mannaquin. It got me thinking...and I decided to see what photos flickr had to offer me. This is so cool. Check out all the photos people have taken of Anthropologie window displays. The adventure begins here


  1. WoW! Even I am impressed & I know nothing about art. But that is incredible.

  2. I totally understand your love for paper! I love it too - all of the different colors and textures. It's awesome. And I still LOVE all of the photos that you post. You are a very talented photographer!