May 20, 2008

Blast from the past

I'm posting this for two reasons. #1 to show my sister (on the left) because we are about to make these dolls for our own little girls. #2 is because when I saw this picture I thought it looked just like Lauren. All this time I thought she looked like Jeff....

***Looks like we aren't the only ones who had these dolls. Here's a post on another blog about the very same article that inspired us.

(click on image to enlarge instructions)


  1. Why don't I have a copy of all these old great pictures?! We are cute, aren't we? And, yes, I can see some Lauren in you. :)

  2. I guess we need to start scanning some pics. This is from the baby book Renae did for me years and years ago.

  3. O.K. here is the story about those octupus dolls. Kay Lynne made those for all of us one year for Christmas. That was probably the same year that she sent Travis a squirt bottle. I still had my octupus up until about a year or two ago. I had just put it up on the valance of the girls' room. Anyway, I finally sent it to the thrift store, and lo and behold here come Family Fun with that same project.