May 14, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

This is the one:

I had the hardest time deciding on which family picture to enlarge for our living room. There are just too many I like which I guess is better than hating them all. And a 22x28" is such a commitment (LOL). This type of indecision is pretty rare for me so finally I had my friend at the lab decide for us. I just couldn't take it anymore. When I asked her why she liked this one she said, "it just looks like a happy family." Hmm... I can live with that. Jeff also liked this angle the best of all the prints. I like it too, but like I said, I liked a lot of them.

Here's where I hung it in our house...more pics to be added to this wall later.


  1. I like that one! You are one brave woman to stack books that high! :)

  2. Actually, it is an "invisible" bookshelf. It just looks like they are stacked on each other.

  3. I love the bookcase! Question: who takes your pix? Just a good friend? Do you pick the shot? I need some pointers or tips so we can have a good one. I just am not up for the go to a studio shot and too cheap to hire a professional.