May 21, 2008

Found on the Street

OK, everyone. I'm posting these very sheepishly. I've talked about this before, but I actually worked up the courage to ask stylish strangers if I could photograph them. Jeff and I were out and about last week during his vacation and so I took a few shots.

found at Urban Outfitters, Gateway Mall, UT

Silver shoes

Side Note: There were two other people I wanted to photograph, but one (rocker girl working some killer cowboy boots) was seen while we were eating and the other (older guy in tweed blazer, very bright multi-striped shirt and flourescent orange tie) was on his phone and walking at mach speed. I thought it would be rude to interrupt, let alone catch up to him. Wish I would have though.

***By the way, Urban Outfitters has some very cool nooks and crannies to photograph in.


  1. Way to go, LES! I am proud of you for being brave! Cool/Funky subjects!

  2. Hey, Jeff told me you got my comment about your backgrounds and you had no way to comment me back so I will give you my myspace and you can message me there (if you want/have time) :)
    I love the stranger pics. That boy is gorgeous! Did you get his name? And I am applauding you for asking strangers to model. I could never do that, but those people were so cute and model-y already. And your summer pics ARE so summery. It brought back weird nostalgia of summers when I was a little kid. Love the pics! Misty