May 04, 2008

Motherhood Perks

Lately I've been noticing how great it is to be a mom. Why? Because strangers often talk to us in line. This becomes very beneficial when that line is long and annoying. It breaks the tension and suddenly it's our turn next to check out. Thanks stranger, I had a pleasant conversation with you. Also, people are more polite when they notice you have a baby/car seat in your arms. I particularly love that everyone and I mean everyone (male or female) holds the door open for us. That rules and really is very helpful. There must be something about a baby that warms people up.


  1. I think it's just 'cause your baby's so doggone cute! I don't have many conversations anymore while standing in line with my three older, yet still cute, girls! Maybe I should talk to the lady behind me with the cute baby.... :)

  2. I find the same thing too. Especially being out here in OH, I've met and talked with people who I never would have talked with before. It is fun to be a mom.