May 02, 2008

Over before it began

I decided to give up that pesky dream of photographing stylish people on the streets. That sartorialist...ugh...he's the best. I can't get near his exotic locations where he just happens to run into people who seem to live a much cooler life than the rest of us. And once you've looked at his blog...everything else is just lame. I seriously doubt I will run into anyone in UT wearing anything close to what he encounters. You know things like



and this....

and this guy......

...Yikes!! don't even get me started. He's all kinds of creepy!

Of course, if I were "lucky" enough to run into these characters I doubt I would pause to ask for their photograph for style reasons.

Still love his blog, but geez....these clothes are just plain gross! I can appreciate these photos as interesting character studies for sure, but definitely not inspiration on style. Eww....yucky. Now I need to go wash my eyes out with soap. It would be more pleasant.

Ok, so now that I think about it, maybe I will still take on the challenge and do it my way. Meaning....minus the nasty ensembles. Featuring clothes I would actually put on my body.


  1. But I have a pair of those colorful leggings...NOT!

  2. You were scaring me there for a minute as I was looking at these pictures thinking "she thinks these outfits are cool, I wouldn't wear these if I were dead". So thanks for clarifying for me that you like the photographs, just not the clothes. I was thinking that even in UT you can find some scary outfits like those.

    I'd like to see your challenge assignment. It could be great fun!

  3. I think his blog his very intriguing! Thanks for the post cause it kept me entertained for quite awhile looking at the different profiles and characters he had posted. Ya, I think Utah may be lacking some of those crazy styles, but who knows what you may find on the streets in downtown SLC.

  4. Oh I like even some of the "gross" stuff. He mentions with regularity that sometimes part of an outfit is the thing that draws him in...contrasting lengths, interesting color combinations or just unique personal style. It seems like that variety and openness to different, and even weird, is what makes him a sartorialist.