May 21, 2008

So Cupcake

Let me just preface this post with a little tidbit about myself. I love food. I love new flavors. I love to be surprised (culinarily speaking). And for a while now I have been telling Jeff that I think Food Network should have a show where regular people (myself and hubby) with absolutely no credentials or experience, but a genuine love of food travel around the world and critique meals. In my other life, the one where I am not a wife or mother I have the dream job of a food critic.

Anyway, I have been hearing about this great cupcake place on some local blogs and I've been wanting to give it a try. There's no denying I'm always up for sweets treats. It's called So Cupcake. I had such high hopes of biting into the most incredible cake I've ever had. Uh, nope. Unfortunately I was SO unimpressed. My chocolate cupcake was dry, dry, dry. And even that surprise hint of almond extract (a personal fave) could not save it. Jeff was equally dissatisfied with his Red Velvet. At $2.50/each these babies needed to blow my mind. I would have been more satisfied with the Betty Crocker mix. It would have been moist although a generic taste.

I wonder if we caught a bad batch because other reviews specifically talked about how moist the cake was. Anyhoo, our experience can be summed up in a few words: Cool story. Cute names. Pretty decor. Dry cake.

Although the snacks did not rock my world I did get a few cute shots of my two favorites:

{P.S. Here's my complete list of dream jobs. Just in case anyone is hiring:}

1. Textile designer (because I can never find prints I like at the fabric store)
2. Prop stylist
3. Window dresser for Anthropologie
4. Professional Blogger
5. Food Critic

and one more pic.....

Is it just me or am I looking O-L-D? I'm convinced it's due to the recent hair loss.


  1. I wouldn't call it old, I'd call it not looking like a teeny-bopper! And that's a good thing!! It's also called beautifully aging!! Sassy/Hot Mama at any age! :)

  2. No really, I wasn't fishing. I really do think I look different (old) after having a baby...and not sassy.

  3. I also wanted to say that I LOVE the picture of L yawning on J's lap. I think it captures both of them perfectly (not their expressions--just the natural look of them.) Very Nice!!

  4. Try Dippidee in American Fork (near the new Costco). They have good, moist cupcakes. We'll take you there sometime.