June 30, 2008

Bye, Bye!

We are headed to Pennsylvania tonight. Hopefully fun times and lots of great pics. Can't wait to add Jeff's family to our picture wall.

June 26, 2008

I beg to differ

This gave me the giggles. I'm really posting this for my sister. She'll appreciate it.

found via Jami's blog

June 25, 2008

More house woes

A friend sent me this link. Let's all move to South Africa and live in a castle. Shall we?

June 24, 2008

A step above...

I'm not quite sure what got me thinking about this again today, but recently a neighbor on our street declared that those of us living in townhomes are only one step above trailer trash. Uh, Excuse Me? You can't be serious. My blood is still boiling. I realize I am quite home sensitive these days. Perhaps it's because I'm working my butt off trying to make this "trailer" of ours lovely. Or that I literally grew up next to a trailer park (good 'ol P-Town). But last time I checked there is not a speck of garbage in our front or back yard. Nor have I seen a single plastic chair, pink flamingo, broken anything on our street....(You get the idea). And besides..... the hubby stopped wearing his wife beaters a couple weeks ago! (ha,ha,ha)

When I start to feel a little down about our trailer park lifestyle, I try to remind myself that the equivalent to our humble (3 bedroom, 3 bath) abode would cost around $695,000 in East Harlem, NYC. (estimate courtesy of city realty). Now that's a nice trailer. So even though we have lowered ourselves to live in this mobile home park I simply refuse to live like trash.

Floral Study

I love how delicate this is

June 23, 2008

Cooking Basics

More Kitchen ideas....

June 22, 2008

Matchy, Matchy

I just couldn't resist that little ruffle bum.

It's Official!

I despise Summer. This year I almost changed my mind after that long cold winter. Snow in May, having a December baby, etc.... I was just about fooled. But yesterday's misery sealed the deal. Maybe some people don't sweat or feel hot when it's 9 million degrees outside. I do. I just about had a mental and physical breakdown being outside all day. Literally. When my body overheats so does my mind and I become a whole different person. It's ugly.

You know you hate the heat when you are secretly begging for death.

Words to Live by

{more or my favorite jewels}

June 20, 2008

Father's Day

Mmmmm.....crab legs.

OK, so we weren't exactly having lobster, but I bought these bibs years ago at Williams-Sonoma for like a buck or something.

Our fave: Welch's "Strawberry Breeze"

this doesn't really fit with the other pics so much but I was dying over these colors together. Need to make a dress or something.

I was so happy with my table setting. Loving the salad plates. I pretty much want to use them every day.

The End

Sometimes the mess is the most beautiful....

June 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

I want to pierce baby L's ears.

Her first tooth broke through yesterday. Barely visible, but it's there.

I loathe being hot. Unless I'm at the pool.

I finally got medicine for my migraines. .....mmmmmm. (Hallelujah chorus playing in the background). So glad I live in modern times.

Husbands who vacuum rule!

I had no idea vacuum was spelled with two U's until just now (dictionary.com)

My photos need more color. Everything is too subtle. I'm sick of subtle.

June 17, 2008


for a corner of my kitchen...

June 16, 2008

Clouds For the Living Room

Here's a couple shots I did to hang with my gallery wall. Not too exciting, but exactly what I wanted. The living room has got to be a happy place since that is pretty much where I spend most of my day

June 15, 2008

The Real Father's Day

Many more pics to follow later this week. You know, the official ones where I styled the table and everything on it was perfectly positioned. Making Jeff sit and pose and "move over there".

Although he puts up with my creativity demands, this is truly all he really wanted for Father's Day: A nap with baby. No joke. Now THAT is a good dad. Love him, love him, love him. I have a million memories of my own dad napping. He could fall asleep any where, any position, any time. The fellas are working hard for the family. And thank heavens!

Happy Father's Day.

June 13, 2008

That face

Mid swing she stopped and busted out this pose. On her own. Who knows where it came from???

June 11, 2008

{Other} Floral Stills

Side note: As I was arranging these blooms a massive spider crawled out from amongst the petals. Ewww!! Then a few minutes later....ANOTHER ONE! And that is just the ones I saw. Who knows how many more were lurking. Needless to say, these did not end up on my kitchen table. Oh, and I don't set spiders free to go on and live their spider-y lives (the hubby does). I flush them down the toilet.

And here's what the whole scene actually looked like:

June 09, 2008

Long Lost Pals

We see these guys entirely too little. I'm missing the good ol' days of apartment living when all our best friends lived a mere two doors down. Glad we got to hang out again though. We love the Johnstons!