June 09, 2008

Long Lost Pals

We see these guys entirely too little. I'm missing the good ol' days of apartment living when all our best friends lived a mere two doors down. Glad we got to hang out again though. We love the Johnstons!


  1. Thanks for posting these pics! I can't believe how big they are and the latest addition we never even met!

  2. WOW has time flown by. I too miss the apartment living. It was a blast having so many friends so close. I'm lucky to live where there are a lot of members in our complex, but it just isn't the same as Pinnacle Apts in Orem!!! We hope to see you soon. You can see some family pics on our blog.

    love The Hadley's

  3. Sundays aren't as entertaining since we left "The Branch." Can't believe the Johnstons have 3 kids and we are still working on the first (due in January). Miss you guys. www.feistd.blogspot.com