June 11, 2008

{Other} Floral Stills

Side note: As I was arranging these blooms a massive spider crawled out from amongst the petals. Ewww!! Then a few minutes later....ANOTHER ONE! And that is just the ones I saw. Who knows how many more were lurking. Needless to say, these did not end up on my kitchen table. Oh, and I don't set spiders free to go on and live their spider-y lives (the hubby does). I flush them down the toilet.

And here's what the whole scene actually looked like:


  1. Oh my gosh Leslie, I am loving all your floral stills. Beautiful! I especially love the white ones.

  2. Awesome! My favorite would probably have to be the one with the whole scene. That's how life really is!

  3. It is great to see that you can create peace amid the chaos. Very inspiring and very beautiful. Oh, and I flush em too. I do say sorry while I am doing it though.