June 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

I want to pierce baby L's ears.

Her first tooth broke through yesterday. Barely visible, but it's there.

I loathe being hot. Unless I'm at the pool.

I finally got medicine for my migraines. .....mmmmmm. (Hallelujah chorus playing in the background). So glad I live in modern times.

Husbands who vacuum rule!

I had no idea vacuum was spelled with two U's until just now (dictionary.com)

My photos need more color. Everything is too subtle. I'm sick of subtle.


  1. Random Responses

    I always glare at those moms when I see them piercing their baby's ears. Oops!

    I hope you're not still nursing.

    Ditto but I don't go to the pool.

    What kind of medicine are you taking? I might have to get me some of them meds.

    How did you convince Jeff to vacuum?!

    I love dictionary.com!

    Your photos are awesome but I can't wait to see what's not subtle!

  2. I used to think poorly of "those" moms too. I don't know what changed for me.

  3. Nice random thoughts! Always fun to "hear" what people are thinking!

  4. ...And sorry that I'm not as clever as Annette on my comment. :)

  5. Just a thought about those moms who pierce baby ears. Having lived in Argentina where they pretty much pierce ears seconds after the baby is born--be very careful.

    Alot of those girls after they've grown up, never want to wear earrings again. And also, sometimes the hole for the earring ends up being too low after they've grown up (ears do grow too) and then earrings easily get ripped out.

    These are things I never knew or thought about until having lived in Argentina. But babies do look cute with little earrings--I must admit.

  6. I'm not peicing her ears...Yet. Just want to. But I am certain she will not make it to the Fincher family 12 years old "rule". Who thought of that one anyway? Luckily I am a parent now and get to choose which rules to hang on to. I'm not continuing that tradition. I doubt she'll even make it to 8 years old. We'll see though.

  7. I think it has something to do with turning into a YW or something.

  8. I just found your blog through your etsy shop--Im so in love with your ruffle aprons. Your pictures are awesome, and that baby is beautiful.

    Just a few thoughts on the ear piercing thing. I didn't even realize it was taboo until I lived in Utah, and I'm Mormon too.
    I had my ears pierced as an infant in the hospital (as is traditional in Latin culture) My holes are in the perfect place and earrings have never ripped out.
    I had my baby girl's ears pierced when she was 6 months--they are tiny and you can hardly tell they're there (just a little sparkle) My theory on this is, it's best to do it when they're too young to remember the pain or touch them and get them infected. While it was awful to see her cry, they healed quickly and she never touched them at all.
    Also, What migrane medicine are you On? I just took my first imitrex today and it didn't help at all! Just curious.