June 03, 2008

We are a happy family.....sort of

I had high hopes of photographing our little packed lunch in the park yesterday. You know, so we could remember our family moment through my renewed love of Polaroid. How sweet and nice it was to be together blah, blah, blah. But it was hardly dreamy. There was more rain than sun and baby cried the whole time. (Who would have guessed she was still tired after a two hour nap? She passed out instantly as soon as she was back in her car seat). I was bugged that L and the weather were not cooperating with my big idea. So no fun and only a few pics. Maybe next time...

{and I need a flatbed scanner}


  1. Hi Leslie and Jeff,
    This is Saundra Nye. Wes, my husband, works at UPS with Jeff. I just thought I would say that I think your blog is so cute and fun and I have spent about 15 minutes now, just looking at all your great photography. It rocks! And Lauren is so so cute. She seriously is a very beautiful baby. We should get our families together sometime. It would be fun. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

  2. Great photo of the trees! I'm sorry your outing didn't work out quite how you planned it. Hopefully next time will be better. And I hope you hair works out, too!

  3. oh, these days make the greatest memories. As long as we can get through them.

  4. I have been thinking a lot about having a fun little picnic in the park. Our weather isn't cooperating either though. 90 degree weather isn't the most fun to sit outside in. I'm glad you made the attempt though! Hopefully next time will be better!