July 24, 2008

Give me Strength

It's been an eventful two weeks. Hanging with family is not for the faint of heart. I'm so tired, but it's been lots of fun reconnecting. I made sure I took lots of photos. Wow...Those family portraits are a trip....definitely not for the faint of heart either.

Only the strong can handle hysterical babies. And man are those toddlers quick! Sometimes it's the teens though. Heck, I've even seen dads get in on the revolt. And during the chaos I must ask myself why I chose to subject myself to this nightmare called Family Photos. (Is it really worth updating that picture wall of mine?)

It makes me yearn for former days of fashion shoots. Cooperative models who want to be there, listen to my every direction, thanking me for my time. No turmoil. No crying. No tantrums or dirty looks. It's a dream. It was a dream.

So when I once again get asked why I don't shoot weddings/family portraits I will refer that person to this post. Or maybe I will just ask them how their last family portrait went and that might send them walking.

*****{ P.S. Family, I love you dearly! }


  1. ...sorry if we were a headache for you.

  2. All that being said I wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to. Don't worry. A lot of these feelings are lingering from past experience. You were great!

  3. That's funny. I've heard my dad say the same thing. I've never had the experience myself, but I've definitely heard stories. Your family is definitely lucky to be able to take advantage of your talent!