July 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I think Mormons need to join overachievers anonymous. Seriously. Cuz guess what: your child is fabulous even if he/she isn't a world champion athelete, award-winning musician, etc. Let's just all calm down and enjoy life a bit more.

Oprah drives me nuts. Not everyone can "live their best life" lady! All this tapping into your inner voice blah,blah,blah "true" potential leaves me feeling lame. Sometimes my best life means not ripping into my husband for dropping his stuff in the middle of the floor (for the 900th time). How about a story on that one? Seriously.

Being a mom is soooooooo much better than I thought it would. Perhaps expecting the worst leads to pleasant surprises.

I think Baby L is feeling better.

I'm grateful for family visits this week because it motivated me to conquer the basement full of things to store, sell, donate, etc. Now it's looking lovely. I LOVE clean spaces.

I won't be posting any pics for a while. Taking a little break. Little bro and co. will be here tomorrow and I want to play.

Went to the doctor for MY nasty cough today. I have mild bronchitis. Lovely.

Oh, and I cannot wait for the Olympics.


  1. Very nice random thoughts. I hope that Lauren is feeling better! I hope that your trip to PA was fun!

  2. I'mglad to know my husband isnt the ony one to think the middle of the floor is the place for dirty clothes and things, Dido on Oprah and the olympics too! Hope you all get well soon. Its no un to be sick!

  3. I personally love when Oprah does shows on money troubles and acts as if she knows what we're all going through. She hasn't been poor for what, like 20+ years?! I came down with a little something on our trip. I swear it's summer isn't it - the time when you can be free from illness for awhile...Hope you get better soon.

  4. I love the Summer Olympics with every fiber of my being.

  5. Don't get me started on the "overachievers" in this neck of the woods. Makes me crazy...I'm happy to be "average" and have "average" kids. I'll just pay for therapy later if my kids despise me for not making them overachievers like everyone else. Doubt I'll have to come up with the cash, though...

  6. Amen, sista! Oprah lives a very sheltered life. My "best" life is survival! She only has herself to think about, contrary to what she thinks. Same with Suze Orman. It's all great in theory, ladies, but the rest of us have people that demand (key word) all of our energy.