July 28, 2008


I dig smores. The ooey gooey marshmellowey goodness of it all. And I really dig campfires. The sun goes down and everyone gathers. The conversation is at it's best when the embers are barely visibible. Mmmmhmmmm....good times.

My recipe for the perfect smore: two pieces of chocolate and two marshmallows.

On a side note: Hubby was mad at me for "ruining the moment" by making him take time out for a pic. I asked for a volunteer! But then I had to "fire" him because he smashed our picture perfect smore. So I recruited my little bro who listened to my directions. I hate to be the mood killer. I really do because photographers can be highly annoying. I try my best to be normal. Sometimes I just don't take any pictures so that I too can be present in the moment.

Do you think it ruins the loveliness of the photo by knowing how much ridiculousness went into it? Oh well, that is reality.


  1. your pictures are awesome!! I'm craving a smore now. There are so many summer things I am missing out on, but its nice to see them caught on film somewhere.

  2. LOL!! I think your "perfect smore" pic turned out really good!! --ash

  3. I am LOVING the picture of the fire!!

  4. I am pretty much the sweetest hand model known to mankind!!:)