July 31, 2008

What's Hangin' {Part One}

During my insomnia the other night I had this great idea. Wouldn't it be cool to see what artwork photographers are hanging in their home? Maybe it's only fascinating to me, but here's the first of several (hopefully) submissions. I'll post as they come in.

This one is from fellow BYU Alum, Kelli Ward. I asked her to write a little about why she chose to hang these images.

1- this is a collage of pictures/frames of our "family" photographs. photos that are more personal. because we have no children i have always been apprehensive about hanging pictures of ourselves in the main area of our home so these are clustered on the wall of our bedroom opposite our bed for us to see. they include engagement/wedding photos (by jonathan canlas photography), some family snapshots, and one ink print by my uncle walter rane who is an artist.

2- these are the only two pieces of my own work that i display in my home. they are palladium prints done for my senior show while at BYU -portraits of ghanian's in west africa. they hang in the corner of my living room over my african drum and bike. i love that i can sit on my couch and see them.

3- probably my favorite piece in my home is this print done by my former professor, Paul Adams. it hangs prominently in my living room. it was one of the first things we got as a married couple to decorate our home so i have really used it as inspiration for the rest of the room. it's colorful, but serene, beautiful, and natural - the exact feelings i want my home to evoke.

Thanks again, Kelli. Your home is beautiful!