July 18, 2008

What's up today

The August issue of all my magazines are beginning to arrive. That means Fall Previews! *SIGH*
That also means in a couple of weeks my lovely JCrew catalog will appear. The one with their Fall preview. Then I will call my partner in crime (sister-in-law) to discuss our favorites. I'm sure it will not disappoint, but I can hardly stand the wait. I will hover over the mailbox until then.
Oh how I love Fall. Love, love, love, love, love. We are best friends.

Baby L wants to crawl so badly. Her earnestness is admirable. Unfortunately, hubby is gone on motorcycle trip (with the video camera).
It's not a true crawl...yet. And typically ends in a face plant. But she's on her way!

OLD NAVY. Hmmmm....never been much of a fan. Escpecially for my own wardrobe. But I do like to hit them up for baby items (I can't bring myself to spend loads when they grow so quickly). And today an additional 50% off clearance?? Oh yes, I'm in! Purchased darling jean skirt. Sure, it required a little snip, snip to remove hideous Hawaiian sash. But for $3.50 I'll put in the time.

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