August 28, 2008

What's Hangin' {Part Two}

Slowly, but surely I'm getting emails from photo friends. This one is from Katie. (I'm diggin' her family portrait. Gorgeous).

Here's what she said about what's hanging on her walls:

A little background. We moved into our home one year ago this month and I wanted to do a home that was completely opposite of what I had done with my old place. I don't know if you remember or not but my old house was chuck full of stuff, every space was invaded by something, I was a garage sale/antique store junkie. When we started to pack our stuff to move, I went through our house and got rid of four truck loads... talk about embarrassing. So in our new home I envisioned cleanliness. Light walls, White cabinets, dark floors with just splashes of color accessorizing the home. I still haven't done much with this home in over a year because I'm still trying to envision how I'm going to pull off an orderly clean look but still be eclectic. I know that I don't want many photographs in my home but mostly large oil paintings, is that crazy since photography is my profession? I'll probably change my mind next year. On a happy note for me, I have not set foot in any antique store nor any garage sales since the move. Needless to say, I don't have that many examples for you to show but this is what I've got so far.

Check out Katie's photography blog

August 27, 2008

Oh Yeah!

I just left my sister's house and we took the most amazing photographs. Seriously, this might be some of my best work yet. Check back next week for the images.

My sister needs to be a prop sylist/location scout. I was so distracted and my mind was everywhere...worried about Baby L eating grass/dirt. My sister stepped in with some great ideas. It was a lovely collaboration. Can't wait to show you all. I love happy surprises. The photos were not at all what I planned in my mind which was great because it became so much more. Sweet.

BodyWorld Exhibit comes to SLC

We are so going to this. Opens Sep 19th thru New year's

August 19, 2008

Kite Festival

Looking forward to this in a couple weeks. Hoping to create some beauitful photos.

August 18, 2008

Saving my pennies

My film pennies are going towards these chairs:

new photos to resume shortly after these take up residence in my kitchen....

August 17, 2008

{Sweet Potatoes}

One of L's faves

August 16, 2008

August 15, 2008

My sister was in town....

Thanks guys! The first two are going up on my wall.

August 14, 2008

August 13, 2008

To the unknown...

Dearest ghost fan,

I'd love to know if anyone besides my family stops by so go a comment. Maybe you are a friend of a friend of a friend. Or my distant relative. Say hi and let me know you exist.

The Mine

more festivities from when my bro was in town....

Everyone checking out the scene at Kennecott. It was cool, but I don't feel the need to go again. Maybe without the kiddies. And prepare yourself for all the propaganda about how great they are to the environment. It's emphasized A LOT.

I love these things.

Hey China!

Hey China! You are really starting to bug me. This obsession with image has gotten way out of control. Take it easy on yourself. The world respects you. A lot. You've been around for thousands and thousands of years. You can synchronize 2,008 men to drum in unison. Impressive. You invented paper (among many other things) for crying out loud. No need for the men's gymnastic coach to feel he must throw himself off a building if he doesn't win gold. C'mon. What are you doing to your people? Oh, and replacing that little girl who sang with a double (because she wasn't cute enough)... Not cool.

Knock it off and enjoy the games!

August 11, 2008

I Am....

...longing for hardwood floors.
...disappointed other people were in the theater. (NO "Mama Mia" sing-along).
...pleasantly surprised my mom learned how to use her text messaging.
...halting my spendy ways. for it. L is really on the move.
...reconnecting with high school friends.
...experiencing hair troubles. Again.
...just excited as my sister that her chickens started laying eggs.
...sad our best friends are moving back to Canada. Bad for us. Good for them.

August 09, 2008

Olympic lowdown

I was glued to the couch last night. The Opening Ceremonies were awesome, but I most love the atheletes entering the stadium. Oh yeah...I cried. Several times. You know you teared up too when Pakistan's five atheletes walked in with their arms raised and holding hands. Sweet. Or when Yoa Ming strolled side by side with the little boy who survived China's Earthquake. Oh, be still my heart.

All the comaraderie, national pride gives me hope for the world. I found myself wanting to walk with my people, The Swedes. And smiling at the the sound of Swaziland, Botswana, Slovakia, and Zimbabwe. (C'mon say it. They are great words.) I wish I could dance with the Brazilians, eat with the Italians, and go home with the Greeks. And did you see that hot, hot, hottie from Malta? Wow! The camera man spent entirely too little time on him. How about a play back Matt Lauer?

My vote for best uniform goes to the Netherlands(I tried to find a photo). Their gray blazers with white piping and those vibrant orange ties. Oh yes! You got it so right. And Ethiopa in their seersucker. Total Perfection.

Now the US was looking pretty dapper, but I have one suggestion for Ralph. Skirts for the ladies.

This commercial that gave me goosebumps. Loved it!
Nike Olympic Commercial

And how about my NEW favorite Olympic sport: SLAP FACE

What's you favorite Olympic Sport?

August 06, 2008

Buy Me!

Tell your friends. Tell little adventure is open

The mundane

Haven't left the house in two days.


This is the part of motherhood I feared the most. But no worries. Suddenly getting groceries is highly appealing to me. I think I'll even shower. :) And tonight we will try Paula Deen's recipe for sweet potato fries. Oh Yeah!

And just in case it ever comes up.... I'd choose Paula to be my personal chef. (Another question hubby always asks me). And if she's not available I'll settle for Bobby Flay.

Which food network chef would you want to cook for you?

August 04, 2008

Feeling some Photo Envy

Holy Crap these are gorgeous. Wish I could claim them as my own.

This is some of the best photography I've seen in a looooong time. What a cool concept! And her dress just puts the whole thing over the top. Love, love, love it. Make sure you check out all the pics. They are Outstanding.

I can't help but think this would be so perfect for my sister and her rascally kids. (And...the state fair is coming up). A carnival concept suits them (hahahaha). Of Course, if I'm able to convince my sister...I won't be able to post the pics because of the shame.... they will never be this good. But we can hang them in our houses. :)

{Way to go Leo. I'm beyond impressed}.

Wish I had a reason.... wear these items

Pink Blush

I accidently dropped my blush on the floor and this is the result.

August 01, 2008

When Little Bro was in town...

Isn't my sis-in-law lovely? WOW!

This little guy has one of the best laughs on the planet. It makes me giggle.