August 06, 2008

The mundane

Haven't left the house in two days.


This is the part of motherhood I feared the most. But no worries. Suddenly getting groceries is highly appealing to me. I think I'll even shower. :) And tonight we will try Paula Deen's recipe for sweet potato fries. Oh Yeah!

And just in case it ever comes up.... I'd choose Paula to be my personal chef. (Another question hubby always asks me). And if she's not available I'll settle for Bobby Flay.

Which food network chef would you want to cook for you?


  1. It would totally be Paula. We ate at her restaurant in Georgia a few years ago and it was awesome. Certainly nothng healthy about our meal but mmmmmmm. Mundane days are hard. I feel bad because the longest stretch I can stay at home without having a very needy and cranky son is 3 hours.

  2. I think Paula is full of spunk but I have to go with Curtis Stone - Take Home Chef on TLC. I keep hoping one day he'll surprise me in the grocery store and cook me something scrumptious!

  3. Definitely Paula!! LOVE southern cookin'!! ;) --ash

  4. Annette....I would love that suprise also.