August 11, 2008

I Am....

...longing for hardwood floors.
...disappointed other people were in the theater. (NO "Mama Mia" sing-along).
...pleasantly surprised my mom learned how to use her text messaging.
...halting my spendy ways. for it. L is really on the move.
...reconnecting with high school friends.
...experiencing hair troubles. Again.
...just excited as my sister that her chickens started laying eggs.
...sad our best friends are moving back to Canada. Bad for us. Good for them.


  1. I'm sure your fellow movie goers wouldn't have minded you singing. How was the movie?!

  2. When I went with a friend to see Mama Mia the theater was packed with 50 and 60 year olds who knew every word of the songs. I was quite annoyed with it. So I don't know if you wanted to sing along with the movie or that you were not wanting others to sing along.