August 09, 2008

Olympic lowdown

I was glued to the couch last night. The Opening Ceremonies were awesome, but I most love the atheletes entering the stadium. Oh yeah...I cried. Several times. You know you teared up too when Pakistan's five atheletes walked in with their arms raised and holding hands. Sweet. Or when Yoa Ming strolled side by side with the little boy who survived China's Earthquake. Oh, be still my heart.

All the comaraderie, national pride gives me hope for the world. I found myself wanting to walk with my people, The Swedes. And smiling at the the sound of Swaziland, Botswana, Slovakia, and Zimbabwe. (C'mon say it. They are great words.) I wish I could dance with the Brazilians, eat with the Italians, and go home with the Greeks. And did you see that hot, hot, hottie from Malta? Wow! The camera man spent entirely too little time on him. How about a play back Matt Lauer?

My vote for best uniform goes to the Netherlands(I tried to find a photo). Their gray blazers with white piping and those vibrant orange ties. Oh yes! You got it so right. And Ethiopa in their seersucker. Total Perfection.

Now the US was looking pretty dapper, but I have one suggestion for Ralph. Skirts for the ladies.

This commercial that gave me goosebumps. Loved it!
Nike Olympic Commercial

And how about my NEW favorite Olympic sport: SLAP FACE

What's you favorite Olympic Sport?


  1. SOOOO bummed that while I was enjoying my time at Bear Lake I forgot to set the DVR to record the Olympics!! Grumble, grumble!

  2. Slap Face will have to be on the agenda if we ever have another family reunion. I thought that was hilarious!! Thanks for the post!

  3. I missed the hottie...slap face too apparently, but I did get a little teary. I still love the diving. Brings back memories of my crush on Greg Louganis (before I found out he was gay and forgot how to spell his last name).

  4. Best opening ceremonies I've ever seen! (And I've seen a lot). Case in point, I watched the entire thing vs. leaving after 30 min. Could be that I might be Chinese (can't you tell?!). I love Buddha, tai chi, calligraphy, drums, & about everything else. (I can do without human rights violations.) I've give full notice to the whole fam that they need to leave me alone for the next 2 wks. Yeah, like that's going to happen! I plan on knitting & walking on my treadmill to justify some of the time I'm spending glued in front of the tv.

    And since I just went to a family reunion, slap face sounds great! The funny thing was, Josh was like "Have they always been this way?" Um, yep, you're just growing up & realizing it. Welcome to the real world!"

  5. I love the olympics too! I am going to have to check out that hottie too!I am so excited for the Office. I thought that preview was HILARIOUS!