September 18, 2008

Awww....the sound of silence

Baby L is quietly snoozing and my parents just left after a great visit. I got to play host this time. Finally! I was starting to feel sad no one ever wants to stay with us. You get your own room and everything. But alas, my lovely sister has chickens laying fresh eggs and a gigant-o back yard for the youngins to roam free. I wouldn't be able to resist either. Luckily, she was burnt out from a million summer guests.

My mom helped us build our food storage. Not particularly my favorite bit of advice since hoarding is so against my nature....but I'm trying. I convinced my parents to sit for a new portrait. Learned how to play Zilch and had a 57 point word in scrabble (no, I'm not joking). Can you believe I still didn't win the game? My mom is so competitive. Must be where my brother, Nathan, gets it. :)

L is experiencing some sort of "stranger danger" at the moment and cried every time my dad came in the room. I could have done without all her clinging, digging her hands into my neck. She hasn't napped since they got here....until today. Strangers in the house apparantly means you must be alert at all times. They might try to tickle you or make you laugh or just plain look your way.

P.S. I've missed my sewing machine.


  1. I think I might just stay in my pj's until this afternoon! How 'bout you?

  2. Gotta love our moms who are emergency preparedness gurus. What was the 57 point word?!

  3. It was "yanked" (triple word score and some double letters too). It was sweet.

  4. 57 points is definitely blog worthy! Way to go! Sounds like you had a good time with your parents in town. It was fun to see you guys again!