September 05, 2008

In search of.....

....a healthy fern.

This corner needs something and I decided that "something" was a plant. But floor space is limited around here...we've got to go vertical. I have always loved ferns. The shape mostly. Big puff balls of life. I browsed a couple of weeks ago and the ferns available were in sorry, sorry condition. Tiny for one. And dead. I think I need to consult a professional nursery for my fern. The garden center at the hardware store was lame-o! Maybe I've missed the window and will have to wait until next season.

See...doesn't that look nicer? :)

P.S. Mirrored side table has become dangerous. Baby face planted into it last night. It was only a matter of time really. She recovered quickly at least. Can't bring myself to get rid of it though. Maybe I can just find a spot in another room.


  1. Devin and I have an ivy that looks pretty good. It's definitely longer than the fern though. Plants are fun!

  2. Ah, the decorating challenges of the growing family. You just start to think you can leave the baby-safe deco when the next one learns to move.
    I hope you find a beautiful fern. I love plants but seem to love them to death so I have a plethora of unhealthy plants scattered about. I think it goes nicely with the rest of my.... heh heh decor.

  3. Love the visuals! I kill plants unintentionally.