October 05, 2008

The Good Report

1. Jeff surprised me with NKOTB's greatest hits (wasn't it his birthday?). ah, Memories.....
2. Baby Julia joined the family.
3. Hubby's birthday
4. Tested my theory that ignorance is bliss by no longer watching the nightly news. It worked.
5. Seven straight days of great hair. Woohoo!! (pics coming soon)
6. A surprise visit from Jessie. Late night chatting and breakfast with your favorite pal is awesome. She left a sweet note that is now sitting on my nic-nac shelves.
7. Baby L's sniffles cleared up. And we discovered two new things that make her laugh....blowing my nose, biting her cheek.
8. The chill in the air......love it!
9. Made some progress with the PA needlepoint
10. General Conference helped my attitude (list of my faves coming next)


  1. Abby (jeff's sister) had her baby

  2. This weekend I decided there's a lot of stuff I'm not going to watch on TV anymore! I'm envious of the great hair and can't wait to see the pics!

  3. So are you O.K. that they used that name?

  4. Oh yeah, It's not biggie and Jeff has never liked it. And we both love the name Megan Margaret if we have another girl.

  5. Oh, how I love your blog already. Your Etsy stuff is to die for, your photography is gorgeous, and your baby couldn't be any cuter.
    Thanks for the comments on my MADE blog.
    - dana

  6. Your blog is so fun to read! Your little girl looks a lot like Jeff I think. She is so adorable!