October 19, 2008

The Good Report

This week I'm celebrating the following lovely things:

1. Friendly Folks.
The employees at my favorite grocery store have restored my faith in quality customer service.

2. Sacrament Meeting.
A certain talk addressed a current struggle (uh No, I will not be sharing).

3. Conquered fears.
(Mine would be pressure cooking). I restocked the pantry with 35 pints of homemade refried beans.

4. Custom orders.
Thank you, lovely woman from NJ.

5. Husbands that clean.
J returned home from work one night and went on a cleaning rampage. I really love it.

6. Family Time.
Dinner at local burger joint and evening stroll around nearby park is good bonding.

7. Mediocrity.
Thanks to my very, very low expectations the shop has already exceeded them.

8. A baby that sleeps.
Even when sick she still gives me 10 hours. Yes!!!

9. Single fold bias tape.
I'm hooked. It looks very professional.

10. Salty and fizzy.
The only things that soothe my sore throat.

11. $1.50 pumpkins
(my favorite grocery store again!)

12. Cool people.
Hangin' on a Saturday night with our favorite PA pals is the best.

13. French seams.
Also very professional looking.

14. And finally... feeling better
so I can take care of the other two sickies.


  1. Those are all VERY good things to celebrate. I'm glad you're feeling better. Moms aren't allowed to get sick.

  2. Sounds like life is pretty good this week at your house - minus the sick part!

  3. Celebrate anything you can is what always say. Sorry you guys have been sick.:(