November 10, 2008

Artists and their inspiration

I just purchased this calendar. Besides being the perfect shape for a skinny bit of wall in my kitchen it's just plain awesome. Modern and fave! And all that color....MmmHmm.

I took a peek at her blog and ran across some posts as the calander was in progress. See what items inspired the calendar here. or see it in sketch phase. I love seeing all the variations that got her to the final product. So cool.

I think when 2009 ends I'll frame up certain months. Add to my nic-nac shelves or gallery wall in the living room. It's too pretty to discard after a year.

***side note: {I'm feeling very excited about discovering her blog. Lately, it seems as though all my daily faves are friends with each other and they end up posting the same things. If one of them throws a will see how fabulous it was on ALL of their blogs. Sure, it's cool, but having to view it fifty times makes me want to scream, "Enough Already!" This blog is the cure for my burn out}


  1. Love the colors too! I'm a sucker for colors and that is why I have about a million different cups and plates in different colors and sizes. The calendar will make for great art after 2009 for sure!

  2. oh my gosh! I love your blog! I'm going to have to come back tonight and just browse through the whole thing!

    The image of the Savior: I do not sell print copies of it, but because I want people to have it I am allowing anyone to download it, blog it, print it up, whatever you want. Having the message out there is more important to me than having a few bucks in my pocket. It's what my blog is about ;)

    Here's faith:
    and hope:

  3. That's an awesome calendar!