November 15, 2008

The Good Report

This week we love the following:

1. First steps
L started walking! (just a few steps until she decides she can get there faster by crawling).

2. New clothes
Finished a cute new jumper for baby.

3. Fresh haircut
just in time for weekend family portrait.

4. L's smile
it's so big her eyes and nose scrunch up.

5. Good News
Found out my nieces actually sleep with the dolls I made them. So precious.

6. Curls
at the base of L's neck.

7. Lazy days.
Not leaving the house....just a bit of sewing, snuggling & playing with L, and some food in between.

8. Beautifying the home
$4 thrift store dictionary (for wallpapering bedroom),
A large & healthy fern for here
Much reduced chair in the "as-is" dept

9. New bedtime routine
baby back massage has replaced the pacifier. I love the quiet time with her.


  1. I LOVE the jumper you made her! The style is so fresh. And your little girl is as adorable as ever. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the dictionary wall...and the haircut...and the family portrait!

  3. Yeah for walking and no pacifier!

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